Going Green: Degradable Meal Packaging Debuts at The Open Door

New, degradable meal containers have arrived at The Open Door! 

The new containers, distributed by Good Start Packaging in Bedford, NH have a fiber base with a polylactic acid (PLA) lining, and a clear PLA lid. PLA is made from fermentable sugars, often from corn.  

The new green containers will cost an additional $7,500 annually to replace the previous plastic ones for a total cost of $24,000. Last year more than 68,000 meals were made and distributed from The Open Door kitchen.  

“Our team researched alternatives, and we firmly believe this is a worthwhile investment in our environmental practices,” President and CEO Julie LaFontaine said.   

The new containers make their debut this September, and will be used to transport community meals to clients Monday through Friday. 

Going Green containers

The new containers are made of polylactic acid (PLA). 

Going Green containers debut

The new containers make their debut this September. 

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